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18 Years Proven Reliability

Some of our government clients have been using our software, for 18 years. Our clients know when they are on a good thing.

Money Back Guarantee

Our software is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the full duration of each subscription period.


Choose between Web or Thin Client, Hosted or Self Host, SQL Server or file share.
Request additional features or fields and reports.

Free Support

When you need help it is only a phone call or email away. Free assistance is limited to 15 minutes per incident. Free Support is not available for Free Licence.
Risk Free and Stress Free Statistics.

Customised to your Requirements

I.T. Guaranteed can fully customise Easy Client Records to collect the information that is important to your organisation. We make data input and data retrieval easy and stress free. Reports can be created to your specification.

Convert old Databases

There is no need to lose your historical data. Your data from your previous system can be converted into Easy Client Records. I.T. Guaranteed can convert data from most old database formats, including old access databases.

Advanced Reporting

All reports may be drilled down into all the way to the individual transaction. Reports include styling which may be customised by each user. All Reports can be transferred directly into Excel with the click of a single button. Date Ranges may be selected quickly by use of the quick dates selectors. Top Ten Reports, Graphs can be added. Exception Reports notify you of potential problems.

Intuitive Controls

Features like a comprehensive find box right on the main toolbar which can be used to find records by name or address or any field you wish, make Easy Client Records a pleasure to use. Dates may be selected with menus, calendars, or simply pressing + to advance 1 day. Its the little extras that make the difference.

Video Tutorials & Training Manual

The easiest way to learn something new is to watch it being done. We have created videos to instruct your staff on how to make the most out of Easy Client Records. Easy Client Records includes a PDF user manual.