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Non Emergency Patient Transport Booking System

What is NEPT (Non-Emergency Patient Transport) software

Non-Emergency Patient Transport software, sometimes called a Patient Transport system (PTS), is computer software that facilitates the booking, allocation, dispatch, and backend management of non-emergency patient transport.

NEPT software should

  • Capture all the information dispatchers need to allocate the most appropriate travel mode,
  • book it in advance to ensure there is staff and transport available,
  • keep booking requesters in the loop through notifications and updates,
  • give information to the patient transport officers,
  • monitor trips duration,
  • provide back-office reports for planning and cost recovery and
  • have a mobile app that works on all platforms for drivers to enter their trip breakdown time updates
  • be easy to use.
Responsive WebApp works on most devices
Web Booking Screen
With our browser-based application, NEPT bookings can be easily entered from any device, with no installations required. Enjoy flexibility without restrictions. The application utilises responsive design, ensuring it looks good and adapts seamlessly to any screen size. Enter bookings effortlessly, whether at your desk or on the go with a tablet or phone. Experience the convenience of our browser-based NEPT booking application and discover a streamlined approach to managing your bookings. Use the contact form below to try the online demo and revolutionise your NEPT booking process.
Take the headache out of scheduling
Dispatchers can quickly assign bookings to vehicles simply by dragging the booking onto a vehicle. Swapping bookings between vehicles is just as easy. Summary information about bookings is instantly available by hovering the mouse over the booking. There is no need to open each individual booking. This provides the dispatchers with the critical information they need to easily assign bookings to vehicles. All vehicle pools can be displayed on the one form. By default, bookings are displayed as surname – destination, however, it is easy to change this to suit your preferences.
Alerts keep everyone in the loop
Alerts can be configured by the system administrators. Alerts are triggered whenever a booking is requested, or altered. There are also late notice alerts. For dispatchers, clicking the alert will allow dispatchers to jump to the running sheet on the day of the booking ready to allocate the booking to a vehicle. For booking requesters, clicking an alert will open the booking. Alerts keep everyone informed and remove the surprises.
Advanced Reporting will keep management Satisfied
Reports are designed to quickly & easily present the data needed to make informed business decisions and to report on the progress of your agency. Reports can be drilled all the way down to easily locate and open the original data. All reports can be transferred directly into Excel with the click of a single button. Date Ranges may be selected simply by use of the quick dates selectors. There are KPI Reports and top ten reports as well as built-in graphs and exception reports to notify you of potential problems. Templates can be applied to automatically format the report with your choice of colour or font style.
Collect all the information the first time
Say googbye to telephone tennis. NEPT collects the vital information that is needed by dispatchers in order to allocate and prioritise the booking requests. This can be fully customised for your organisation. By default all fields are mandatory, requiring booking requesters to discount certain conditions. This process reduces the need for dispatchers to chase up information that booking requesters fail to complete, saving time and unnecessary delays.
Allow hospital wards and nursing homes to request transport bookings
Depending upon your configuration choices, bookings can be requested by wards, clinics and even external agencies such as nursing homes. Recurring trips and return trips can be booked with ease. Past patient trips can be duplicated for super-fast entry.
Driver's Web app
NEPT includes an easy to use internet web app for drivers to enter trip times.

Once drivers commence the trip, the time counters keep ticking until the driver clicks save.

The trip updates are visible on the dispatachers running sheet so that the dispatcher is aware of the trips progress at a glance.

No Training Required
Intuitive features include a comprehensive find box right on the main toolbar which can be used to find bookings by surname, date or booking ID, or find drivers make the software a pleasure to use. Dates may be selected with menus, calendars, or simply by pressing quick keys such as + to advance 1 day. It’s the little extras that make day to day use of our software less stressful.
We've got your back
NEPT comes with multiple free support options. The comprehensive user manual includes an in-depth getting started section, a user guide, and a detailed field reference. There are also video tutorials. I.T. Guaranteed welcomes contact for support by email, phone or skype. Remote desktop support (Quick Support) is available directly from the menu bar.

Configuration Choices

Hosting (Database Storage)

Internal (self) host

  • Inexpensive
  • Most Secure
  • Most Affordable
  • Quick & easy to install


  • Most Accessible
  • Can be accessed outside organisation without VPN


Windows Application

  • Fast, easy to use, easy to install
  • No need to log in or
    remember another password
  • Most affordable interface


  • Saves on development cost of full web browser app
  • Reduced features available on the browser version
  • Full features accessible for the windows users

Web Browser

  • Works on Windows, Apple, Andriod.
  • Can be hosted in the cloud for external access.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Company

years providing software services to government

years providing software services to government departments

Some of our enterprise clients have been relying on our software daily for the last years. In I.T. years that's like ... forever. In fact, we go back to Windows 3.1 together.

We have seen our client's employees come and go. We have attended their employee's retirement parties. We have even had those retirees visit our home for coffee and free PC support. And after that long, some have become family friends.



“I have been using I.T. Guaranteed’s software for 18 years and have found the software is user-friendly and intuitive. This has enabled our fleet management to be targeted to achieving our goals and efficiencies. The odd issue has been resolved rapidly with no fuss as the system has been robust with very minimal down time. Reporting is easy with the click of a button, and the online help is also easy to use. I would recommend this company and the software it produces to other users.”

Stephen Simmons
Transport Manager, Fleet Management North
Tasmanian Health Service

“I used I.T. Guaranteed's Fleet software for 16 years. It was easy to use, and reliable with little to no downtime. On the odd occasion when we needed help, it was prompt and friendly. I would recommend I.T. Guaranteed wholeheartedly.' ”

Bruce Baudinette
Fleet Manager (Retired), UTAS

100% Customisable to your requirements

100% Customisable to your requirements

Any and all parts of the software can be customised to the unique requirements of your organisation. Software should operate the way your organisation wants it to, not the other way around. We work with all stakeholders to ensure your organisation's requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

Reliable quick support

Reliable, quick support

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our 3 hour response times and 48 hour resolution times. Standard support is 9am to 5pm, business days, Australian Eastern Standard Time. 24/7 Support is available by negotiation.

Money back satisfaction guarantee

Money back satisfaction guarantee

It is what we named the business, after all. If our client isn't satisfied, then they can have their money back. You see, we prefer our clients to choose to remain with us rather than be forced to remain due to a contract that locks them in.

GITC approved supplier

GITC approved supplier

Your project will gain the approval of your I.T. department quicker and easier due to our GITC accreditation for software development and vast experience in working with government agencies.


Web based or self-updating portable executable

Web-based or self-updating portable executable

Our portable executable program is lightning fast and used by the majority of our clients. It can be installed with normal user privileges. It updates automatically and therefore requires no assistance from your I.T. Department to install the clients or maintain the software. Alternately, your organisation might prefer to use the responsive web-based form suitable for smaller screens.

Host the database on your own SQL server for ultimate security or utilise a cloud server

Host the database on your own SQL server for ultimate security or utilise a cloud server

Most of our clients prefer to keep all their data internal and on their own servers and be responsible for their own backups. This ensures the fastest possible data request times. Alternately we can assume the responsibility and arrange hosting for you and perform regular backups according to an agreed schedule.


Do you sell outside Australia?


What are your support hours?

Standard support is Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Tasmanian time, which is GMT+10 hours, or +11 hours in summertime. Email support will be repsonded to the next business day.

Do you provide after hours or 24/7 support?

After hours support or 24/7 support can be negotiated. Having said that our software runs requiring minimal support.

Will the software work over the internet?

Yes. We have a variety of packages available to suit all requirements. Our most popular version is a self-updating portable program. Web based alternative versions are available as are hybrid solutions that use web booking forms, but use the fast installable clients for dispatchers.

Is the software audited?

Yes. All entries and changes made within the software, even those by NEPT administrators, and logged, together with who made the change and when. The logs are accessible from the audit reports, which NEPT administrators may view.

Can users create their own reports?

Administrators can create new reports, by modifying one of the existing reports. The software includes a full Query by Example grid, and SQL editor.

Can the software be customised?

We are happy to customise the software to ensure that it meets your needs. Software should work the way your organisation does not the other way around.

What backend server does it use?

It is your choice. The software is built to run on sql. We recommend Microsoft SQL server, or Microsoft sql express. It will also run on MS Access, but we prefer to use that just for the demo.

Is this different to a Patient Transport System?

No. Patient Transport System is just another name for Non-Emergency Patient Transport software (NEPTS)

How much does it cost?

In order to quote we will need to know how many patient transport vehicles you have.

can the bookings be made in advance rather than on the day of transport

absolutely. Other NEPT systems rely on infinite capacity to move patients. Our NEPT system allows bookings to be made, allocated and confirmed in advance, to ensure that patients will arrive on time as expected and that your organisation plus external providers have the capacity to move all book non-emergency patients.

Does the booking form check that all required data is entered correctly

Yes. Fields are mandatory. Where there are optional choices that permit a nil answer, the users must enter the nil choice, so they cannot leave it blank. This reduces telephone tennis chasing up incomplete forms, and ensures the patients being transported are suitable for non-emergency patient transport.

Can fields be added to the booking form?

Yes, but within reason. The software must maintain a balance between gathering all of the required information to determine if the patient is suitable for non-emergency patient transport and being quick and easy to use particularly for the booking requestor. There is also a space issue on the form to consider as well.

Can we add those fields ourselves?

No. Customisation must be programmed into the system by us. There are already a plethora of options to configure the system which users can set according to their organisational needs.

Is there a limit to the number of vehicles or users?

There is no limit to the number of users. Your organisation can determine how many vehicles it chooses to license.

More information

For more detailed information, please download our product feature and benefit guide.

If you would like a demo to trial, please contact us using the form below.