Hard Disks are not back-up solutions

Disconnect your backup or lose it

Leaving your backup always plugged in, is about as useful as going fishing and leaving your life jacket under the foredeck. The life jacket might save you if you get advance notice of a freak wave but apart from that it isn’t much use.


Clean up before yourself

One of the most disliked tasks a P.C. support person is asked to undertake is to “clean up” a system, which equates to cleaning up someone else’s mess or treasure. From time to time this consultant is requested to clean up a computer. More often than not there is nothing wrong with the computer. The…

Hard Disks are not back-up solutions

What really gets my back up

One of the things that frequently gets my back up is when I eagerly browse the latest electronic / computer catalogues to arrive in my letter box only to see external hard drives being advertised as back-up devices. Whether USB or Firewire, powered or self powered, an external drive is NOT A BACK-UP solution.