25 Year Anniversary of My Business

This month marks the 25th year of operating my small business.

I started out in July 1995 following successful completion of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme course. Back then my business was very different.

I concentrated on providing advice to residential customers seeking to buy a new computer as the educational home computer age kicked in. I quickly moved into the training space as people wanted to know how to make the most of their new technology. I marketed that with weekly columns in the Sunday Examiner newspaper as well as ABC talkback radio doing computer talkback.

Back then programming was a very small part of my service offering.

Since then, I’ve been back in salaried employment, left that to raise a family. And returned to my business when Jasmine started school. Switching to a Software as a Service model made sense financially as well as from a work life balance point of view.

I have clients that have been with me for 23 years. My software is installed in all Tasmanian public  hospitals to book non-emergency patient transport for  Ambulance Tasmania, and at UTAS to  manage and book fleet vehicles. The business has given me the opportunity to meet and work with so many wonderful people.

I’m very grateful to all my clients past and current and also to my friends and supporters and I want to say a huge thank you, particularly those who have rallied around me recently.

I look forward to serving you for another 25.