Making Of Excel Bug Video

The Making of the Excel Bug Guy Video

Creating the Microsoft Excel Bug video was incredibly fun but also highly challenging. There was the whole learning curve of technically creating a video, the performance, and the editing. The birth of an idea Originally the concept was created by a post I wrote about the Microsoft Excel addition bug. It received a lot of…

Custom Database Solution

Software Developer and Database Programmer in Launceston

  Launceston based, Software Development and Programming for Launceston, Hobart, Devonport & Burnie Tasmania and National remote support. Fast and friendly Programming and database development assistance, repairs, migration, upgrade to your application. Database help and design. Database sharing. Database Upgrades. Whatever your issues are, we can help. How can you get immediate Software Development and…

Microsoft Excel Addition Error

It might surprise some to learn that Microsoft Excel is not infallible. Rather it has an annoying bug that has been in every version since inception. In some circumstances, it is incapable of adding 3 numbers together. Don’t believe me?

Non admin Installer

New Easier Single File Installer

  Our new installer only requires a single file to be downloaded, which can then be run straight away to install any of our applications. Like the old installer, it can still install the programs with standard user permissions. An administrator account is not required to run or install our programs. Due to most computer…

Dropbox Dropped

Why I dropped Dropbox

In theory, Dropbox and OneDrive are awesome. Up to 2 GB of free space to store your data in the cloud. Access your files wherever you may be … as long as you are connected to the internet. I am usually slow to the party when it comes to trying the very latest technology. I…