Microsoft Access Database Speed Up Tool

Coming soon … The Microsoft Access speed up tool is the easiest and quickest way to locate will locate the reason/s your database has slowed to a crawl. The MS Access Speed Up tool will inform you what action you need to take to improve your database speed. If you have tried other things and…

1300 899 533

New 1300 Phone Number

We have a new easy to remember phone number. Our new number is 1300 889 533. This number is a local call from landlines. Our old telephone and mobile numbers will remain in operation indefinitely, so there is no need to update our details. Our new, additional telephone service enables callers to always speak with…

Pool Vehicle Late Returner

How to Convert Late Returners To Prompt Hirers

Late returners are the bane of a vehicle fleet managers’ existence, especially so when their vehicle is booked to go out again immediately when they return or shortly after. Their actions affect the follow-on driver, the staff at vehicle fleet, not to mention the flow on effects of the following driver being late for a…

Custom Database Solution

Custom Web Application

Work is well underway on conversion of Open Fleet to a new web based version. In fact we have successfully completed all reports. The task was made easier by the use of our own report engine, which was recreated in ASP, a Microsoft web page language.