Custom Web Application

WebAPPWork is well underway on conversion of Open Fleet to a new web based version. In fact we have successfully completed all reports. The task was made easier by the use of our own report engine, which was recreated in ASP, a Microsoft web page language.

By re-creating our report engine in ASP it was possible to practically copy and paste the report logic code, that’s the fields, selections and order of a report. Copying the report logic saved a weeks of work. Our new ASP report engine can be used to quickly migrate any of our other applications to a web app.

Along the way we are keeping an eye on the web app to ensure that it will work with mobile devices.

So is this the end of our installable software?

Not at all. Converting to a web app does not mean the end of our portable software range. Rather Web Apps will be a premium option which can be either a standalone web app or an add on that can be used as an either / or situation. For example some clients may like the speed and power of a complete installable application for everyday use, but when out and about prefer the knowledge that they can access the same information from their mobile browser. There is also the option of just delivering a small subset of functions to general users via the web app (booking or ordering for example), but staying with the installable program for day to day administrative functions.

Because the web apps are being built with our own engines, any changes that are made in one application will be able to be made in the associated web app, quickly and easily, by copy and paste. This will enable I.T. Guaranteed to develop both an installable client and a web app for the same purpose simultaneously.

How does this work?

The installable application that all clients are using today communicates directly from their computer to the backend database. The web app will also communicate directly with the same backend database via the web server but the user uses a web browser. So the browser fetches a web page from the web server which fetches the data from backend database.

Both methods use the same backend database at the same time, just like many users can use the same database right now.

Customise your solution

Web Apps will come with a number of configurations. Currently may client organisations host their own SQL servers. Similarly, organisations will also be able to choose to host the web app on their own web server, or I.T. Guaranteed can host the web app and / or the SQL server. I.T. Guaranteed can host everything in our cloud server.

The available options may depend on an organisations I.T. policies, but rest assured there will be configurations to suit any organisation.

Contact us for more information if you would like to discuss the benefits of adding a web portal to your software.