Podcast Interview

Marketing tips on the YFNCG podcast

I was interviewed by Matthew Rodella from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Computer Guy about marketing techniques for small business owners. CBP 008: Tips from a Veteran Computer Business Owner Thanks to Matthew Rodella for the opportunity to be on his show. I shared my experiences at different and unique ways of marketing an I.T. business. The Your…

Microsoft Excel Addition Error

It might surprise some to learn that Microsoft Excel is not infallible. Rather it has an annoying bug that has been in every version since inception. In some circumstances, it is incapable of adding 3 numbers together. Don’t believe me?

Splitting a Microsoft Access Database

Splitting a Microsoft Access Database

Splitting a databse is the third step in improving the speed of a Microsoft Access database. If you haven’t yet read or heard about splitting a Microsoft Access Database then either you are very new to databases or work in an I.T. department. Splitting a database is the process of separating the working bits from…