Computer Training’s Dirty Little Secret

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The computer training industry has a little secret that no-one wants you to know. Group trainers know it. Courseware developers know it. Industry experts know it, but they want to keep it a secret from you.


Because their very livelihood could be under threat. If this secret were to become known no-one would attend computer group training courses again.

Before I tell you what this secret is let me explain group training.

Standard Computer Training

  • Qualified, professional and friendly trainer
  • Six plus people in each group.
  • Attend for 2 “days”
  • Conducted at the group trainer’s office.
  • Participants use the training organisation’s computers.
  • Training manual included
  • Rigid course outline

Sounds pretty good so far

So lets compare it to one to one, or personal training.

One to One Training

  • Qualified, professional and friendly trainer
  • Just you in the course
  • Cover the same course material in 2 hours,
  • Your Home or office
  • Conducted on the familiarity of computer
  • Training Manual included
  • Flexible course

Let’s look at that side by side.

  Group One to One
Trainer Qualified, professional and friendly Qualified, professional and friendly
Number of participants 6 + 1
Course Length (usual) 2 “Days” 2 Hours
Location Trainer’s office Your home or office
Computer Trainer’s lab Your Computer
Training Manual Yes Yes
Course Structure Rigid Flexible

Disadvantages of Group Computer Training

  • Qualified, professional and friendly trainer.
    No problems here.
  • Six plus people in the group.
    Sometimes this can be as many as twelve. The more people in the group equates to less time the trainer can spend helping you. In a typical group course, a trainer will spend as much as 50% of the time helping one slow learner. That leaves the other 50% of the trainer’s time to be shared amongst the rest of the participants. Imagine if you were unlucky enough to be in a course with 2 slow learners.
  • Attend for the “day”
    The astute reader may have noticed that every time I have mentioned a “day” course I have put it in quotes. That is because a “day” in a group course is usually 9am to 3pm. That is six hours. But wait, this also includes a lunch break and a morning tea break. After each break there will be a short refresher of 5 to 10 minutes to allow participants to remember what they did before the break and to settle back down. Then there is the second day of the course which includes a longer refresher session of about 30 minutes.So an actual “day” in a group course can be as short as 4¼ hours learning time.Granted participants get to leave earlier than they would on a normal working day, but there is not enough time to return to the office, so from the employers point of view their staff are away for 2 full working days.
  • Conducted at the group trainer’s office.
    You have to travel to a different work location, which might mean making alternative arrangements for travel, car parking, picking up kids. This additional stress detracts from your ability to learn.
  • Participants use the training organisation’s computers.
    This is where group training really becomes unstuck. There is no point learning how to perform a task on a completely, or even slightly different device to the one that you would normally use. For example, the training course might use the latest version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, but you use a Mac, and Office 2011.
  • Rigid course outline
    Due to the constraints of the number of participants in the course, the course cannot be altered, and must be adhered to.

 Advantages of One to One Training

  • You get the same qualified, professional and friendly trainer.
  • There is just you in the course.
    There is no waiting while someone else catches up, or gets all the trainers attention.
  • Cover the same course material in 2 hours.
    The course can move ahead at your speed. Time is saved due to smaller breaks, staying on task, and skipping things that you are already competent at.
  • Your home or office.
    There is no need for you to travel. You can learn in familiar surroundings and return to your normal duties immediately after the course concludes.
  • Conducted on the familiarity of computer.
    Perhaps most important of all, if you are using a Mac, an iPad, an Android, a PC with an older windows or office version, the training can happen on your machine. The situation of getting back to your computer and finding things don’t work the same as on the training computer cannot happen. If your computer is acting weird the trainer can properly configure it or demonstrate how to perform the task on your device.
  • Flexible course.
    The course can easily and immediately be tailored to your specific requirements. If you need help with a particular task that can be included into the course at the appropriate time.

But hang on.

I haven’t told you the secret…

One to One training


the same price if not cheaper.

So you get all the advantages of one to one training,

none of the disadvantages of group training,

and pay the same amount.


How about I include a full money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with our course.

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