Don’t wait till Christmas Day to set up your new console

Do not wait until Christmas Day to set up your new gaming console or you could be waiting 4 hours to use it.

Ok so I have shaken the moths out of the wallet and bought the latest tech goody for Christmas.

The guys at the store recommended turning it on prior to Christmas Day as some units were known to have problems, problems as in bricks.For the non tech that means some units are only good for bricks as they don’t work at all after the first few minutes.

Wii U

Wii U Console Needs setting up before the big day

As it turned out this was sage advice. Connecting it up took some time. Getting the Wii U on my secured network took longer as to get it on my network I needed the MAC address of the Wii U, but I couldn’t get this until much deeper in the setup than “setting up the internet connection”Chicken or egg. Chicken or Egg. Dam it. Egg, no chicken, no egg. So finally I found the cancel button (Bottom left, to cancel setup internet.) I completed the setup then went to the home menu, to settings. And finally to show MAC address. With this information I could now get it on the network.

Once on the network it asked to down load an update. This took ages on my 1.5mb internet connection. Boy am I glad

that I wasn’t trying to stuff the turkey and peel the veges while setting this up for darling daughter.

Almost 2 Hours later I was praying it finishedbefore I had to do a school run to collect my daughter and it did complete. I just had time to see if the games would work. I quickly shoved in Nintendo land disk and… you guessed it. It wanted another update which would take ten minutes more.This had to wait for another day.

So day 2 and the update for Nintendo land took about 15 minutes. Disc out and I thought I had better check Super Mario Bros U as well.As soon as I put this disc in it wanted to do another SYSTEM update. This one took 1hour forty minutes.

After that system update completed it was back to Super Mario Bros and yes another (insert adjective here) update.

Now I did all this on the 3rdDecember. Imagine the load that the Nintendo servers would be under on Christmas Day with everyone wanting to update.