Software to Go
– Portable Software

The first step in making user friendly software is to make it easy to install.

USB Stick

Portable Software can run off a USB stick

A portable application is a software program that that does not install any files into the operating system of a computer. Typically before a program can be used on a computer it must be installed. This means a programruns putting bits of the computer in the places that is needed.

With most software this means putting a bit in a program folder and a bit in some windows folders, specifically system folders. This creates a problem for end users of computer whose computers are locked down by their I.T. administrators.

Portable software on the other hand only installs itself into its program folder. This means that Portable programs can be installed by end users without needing

special computer permissions or I.T. Support Staff. Portable applications can even be installed on a USB key can used on another computer.

All software in I.T. Guaranteed’s range is portable. Current software which meets this standard is Open Fleet (Vehicle Fleet Management and pool booking Software), Easy Health Stats,  and PETs (Asset Management Software). In addition to portable status, these applications automatically update themselves to the latest version, which requires much less maintenance.