Microsoft Excel Training in Launceston, Hobart, Devonport and Burnie, Tasmania

Microsoft Excel Training

One to One Microsoft Excel TrainingOne to one, Microsoft Excel Training in Launceston, Hobart, Devonport & Burnie Tasmania and National remote training.
We provide professional one to one training, at your premises, on your computer, for less than the price of a place in a group course. Whatever your issues are, we can help.

How can you get immediate Microsoft Excel Training?
Call I.T. Guaranteed on 1300 889 533

Microsoft Excel Training Course Outlines

Introduction to Microsoft Excel ( 2 hours)

The Excel Screen

Title Bar

Menu Bar

The Ribbon

The Formula Bar

The Workbook

The Status Bar

Getting Started


Entering Data

Editing the spreadsheet


Moving and Copying Cells

Workbooks and Worksheets

Calculating Totals


The Formatting Tool bar

Consolidation Printing

Zooming in

Changing the printing options

Setting the margins



Pasting Functions

Mathematical order of calculation

Data Series

Intermediate Microsoft Excel ( 2 hours)

Review Formatting Numbers

Advanced Formula

Mathematical order of calculation

The Function Wizard

PMT Function

If function

Nested formula

Lookup Statements

Other useful functions

Absolute references

Naming cells



Formatting the chart

Working with windows

Freezing headings

Protecting the spreadsheet

Advanced Microsoft Excel ( 2 hours)

Loading data from other sources

Saving to a different spreadsheet.

Delimited files


List Guidelines

Data forms

Finding a record

Sorting a list

Filtering lists


Complex filters


Nested subtotals



Goal seeking

What if scenarios

All courses can be delivered remotely, or at your premises if located in Tasmania.

All Courses include:

  • One to One Training
  • Flexible content – we recognise your prior knowledge.
  • Concise easy to read training manuals
  • Exercises to practise your new knowledge
  • No waiting for a course timetable
  • Learn on your own computer
  • Don’t have the latest version of Excel? No problem. Learn using your version of the software or use ours.
  • Have a specific MS Excel problem? We can assist you time permitting.
  • Money back if not satisfied guarantee.
  • 1 Month free remote support for items covered in any completed course, limited to one call per day, 10 minutes per call.
  • 12 months free remote support for items covered in the completed advanced courses, limited to one call per day, 10 minutes per call

You should call us because …

  • We have 25 years’ experience teaching Microsoft Excel.
  • Government & corporate client referees available. We are GITC accredited.
  • Even if you have your own I.T. support company, you can hire us to just do Microsoft Excel work. You might be interested in our Affiliate Sales Program.
  • We can help you remotely.


  • Do you need to get up to speed quickly with Microsoft Excel program?
  • Are you searching for someone to quickly fix a Microsoft Excel problem?
  • Maybe you have an idea for a Microsoft Excel project but do not know how to implement it?
  • Did you buy the latest version of Microsoft Excel and need to upgrade your skills?
  • Are you struggling trying to use some Microsoft Excel functions?
  • Are you an I.T. Technician and need side help with Microsoft Excel ?
  • Do you need to share your Excel Workbooks with others?
  • Do you need to make your Excel Spreadsheets available on the web?
  • Do you have a large Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is difficult to manage?
  • Has someone left your organisation and left you with an Excel project that no one can use?

We can help with all those issues!


  • If I already know something can we skip it.
    Absolutely. Our trainers will check to ensure that you have a sound knowledge of the subject matter before moving on to the next topic.
  • If I complete the course early do I have to pay for the full two hours.
    If in Launceston, or being trained by video call then no. We will only charge you for the time it takes you to complete the course. (Minimum 1 hour)
    Otherwise Yes. This covers our travelling which we do not charge you for 😊
  • What help is available if I have difficulty completing the course in the time permitted.
    The training manual is yours to keep. You can use this to complete the course at your own pace. Up to one hour of further assistance via video call is available with the trainer to complete each course.
  • Can I split a two hour course into two sessions?
    No. The courses are written with continuity in mind. If a course was split it would take some time on the next occasion to review and practice previous subject matter, which would eat to much into the time permitted.

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