How to Convert Late Returners To Prompt Hirers

Late returners are the bane of a vehicle fleet managers’ existence, especially so when their vehicle is booked to go out again immediately when they return or shortly after. Their actions affect the follow-on driver, the staff at vehicle fleet, not to mention the flow on effects of the following driver being late for a meeting or appointment.

Pool Vehicle Late Returner

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Here is a typical example: A driver is due to return a vehicle at 7pm that night. Vehicle fleet closes at 5:00 and starts at 8am the next day. The driver runs late due to working later than expected at the other workplace, arriving back in their hometown around 10pm. Rather than returning the company vehicle, the driver, feeling tired, drives it home for the night, thinking they will return it first thing tomorrow. The next day the driver wakes up and thinks ‘I worked a lot of overtime last night, no need to hurry.’ They arrive at work at 9am to return the vehicle. Problem is, the vehicle was booked out at 7am. Someone has been waiting at the gates, in the frost, since 7am for the vehicle. At 8am when the vehicle fleet staff arrive at work they have to deal with an irate client whom they might not be able to placate with another vehicle.

The overarching job of fleet management is to maximise the utilisation of the vehicle pool fleet. This can be a very challenging task when drivers fail to return vehicles at the scheduled time.

10 Achievable Methods to Convert Habitual Late Returners To Prompt Hirers

10 Achievable Methods to Convert Habitual Late Returners To Prompt Hirers

To help you, the busy vehicle pool fleet manager, we have created this handy eBook to assist you to guide those drivers back onto the path of prompt returns.

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