Save on Software with Open Source

Are you paying the lazy tax for technology?

Astute consumers would already know of the lazy tax for insurance. That’s where failing to shop around and instead just renewing your annual policies can cost hundreds extra. Insurance companies are aware that policy holders are reluctant to switch insurers and are therefore keen to provide incentives, in the form of cheaper prices,to attract new…

Speed Hints and Tips for Microsoft Access

9 Microsoft Access Speed Hacks

Having had clients who have used Microsoft Access for over 20 years, I have seen more than my share of slow databases. They don’t start out that way. When they are new, with very little data, they run like the clappers. Then as the years go by, and more data and more users are added to…

Dropbox Dropped

Why I dropped Dropbox

In theory, Dropbox and OneDrive are awesome. Up to 2 GB of free space to store your data in the cloud. Access your files wherever you may be … as long as you are connected to the internet. I am usually slow to the party when it comes to trying the very latest technology. I…

1300 899 533

New 1300 Phone Number

We have a new easy to remember phone number. Our new number is 1300 889 533. This number is a local call from landlines. Our old telephone and mobile numbers will remain in operation indefinitely, so there is no need to update our details. Our new, additional telephone service enables callers to always speak with…

Click to call Outlook Contacts

Click to call your Outlook Contacts from your Desktop

Outlook click to call your contacts Menudex software makes calling, skyping and emailing your outlook contacts a very quick task. Menudex puts all of your Microsoft Outlook contacts in a menu always available on the taskbar. There’s no need to even open Outlook. Just use Menudex click to call your Outlook contacts. Without Menudex, Outlook…

Pool Vehicle Late Returner

How to Convert Late Returners To Prompt Hirers

Late returners are the bane of a vehicle fleet managers’ existence, especially so when their vehicle is booked to go out again immediately when they return or shortly after. Their actions affect the follow-on driver, the staff at vehicle fleet, not to mention the flow on effects of the following driver being late for a…

Hard Disks are not back-up solutions

Disconnect your backup or lose it

Leaving your backup always plugged in, is about as useful as going fishing and leaving your life jacket under the foredeck. The life jacket might save you if you get advance notice of a freak wave but apart from that it isn’t much use.