Re-link MS-Access Databases Automatically

Now that your database is split into a back-end and a front-end, (if you haven’t then read this article) you should be getting frustrated having to delete all linked tables and re-link them. This will need to be done each time you need to connect to test data, or live data, or the back-end is moved.

Microsoft Access Automatic-Relinking backend Database Tables


It is even more problematic if the database is used by more than one organisation. Then when redistributing the front-end after changes, each front-end must be connected to a different back-end, in each of the client organisations. Some of the back-ends could be Microsoft Access databases, or they might be full SQL servers located in an I.T. Department. This means the location for the back-end might be the H: drive, the N Drive or a computer specific name such as //servername/DatabaseShare, or even a SQL server. Worse still, the locations could be different for the same database in the same organisation for different users. For example, what is N drive for one staff member could be a T drive for another. What is needed is a solution where each user can have their own back-end database connection linking address saved, separate from the front-end, so that when the front end is updated, the back-end is relinked automatically for the end-user.

The Automatic Re-link Solution

Our solution has these benefits

  • The end user doesn’t have to do anything. The automatic re-linking just happens.
  • Multiple database types are handled.
  • Quick, easy, & simple for the software developer, the end users and all the support staff.
  • Did I mention absolutely free?

Our solution solves all of these problems.

  • Re-link a Microsoft Access reconnection
  • Re-link a SQL server reconnection (ODBC)
  • Automatically detect if the back-end database is not connected and reconnect, without end-user intervention.
  • Ability to save a default connection for each user. Once saved the front-end will always try to re-connect to the default connection.

Microsoft Access Automatic re-link tool

A tool to automatically re-link the dataabse backend to a Microsoft access database.

MS Access Automatic relinking tool

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