Next Business Day Warranties

Only after things go wrong with technology do most users learn about Warranties.

Many consumers put their faith in brand-name computers. Paying a little more for quality gives peace of mind. It’s the peace of mind that guarantees parts will be available, when the computer breaks down, and prompt service will be ensured if something fails, particularly if the item is under warranty. In most cases the prices on such brand names are anywhere from $500 more to double the price of an equivalent non-brand-name PC.

Next Business Day Warranty

Having a written warranty is good but the repair time should be written into the warranty as well.

The reason many of the brand name salespeople convince consumers to purchase the more expensive computers is because of the perception of quality components and quality service. It would appear that peace of mind is in fact an illusion, at least with one major PC manufacturer. Imagine then a business which puts such faith in the brand name only too find that the parts for the computer cannot be delivered immediately.

“Maybe one or two weeks – when [brand name] Company decide to send us the parts.” That comment came from the barnd name company’s authoriseded repair centre. And all this for a computer still under warranty! At this point it should be made perfectly clear that it is not the fault of any local dealer or authorised repair centre. In fact the same local repairer fixed a no-name brand monitor, ready for pick up, in under an hour. There is no doubt people put a great deal of trust in technology. Businesses these days much more so. It is impossible not to become reliant on computers.

After all, computers, do the accounting, they do the word processing some are even client managers. When the computer fails, accounts cannot -be done, the typing stops and in short, work stops, billing stops, even payroll stops unless it can be performed manually.

So even when buying a brand-name, computer, ask how long it will take to be repaired, under warranty and out of warranty. Even so – what guarantees are there to hold the store to that promise?

And what if the store is not an authorised repair centre? Clearly the consumer has very little comeback. The computer store cannot hold another company, in this case the authorised repair centre, to the computer store’s promise. That is only the possible domain of the brand name – to ensure that its retailers and service agents adhere to the one service Policy.

There are many computer dealers who are all to ready to sell a cheap no-name PC and, because of competition, these dealers are keen to provide first class support and service. It does raise the question of why pay the extra for the brand-name computer?

Or perhaps when shopping for that new technology if it is needed every day seek out a company that will provide a next business day warranty – guaranteed.