Email Alerts whenever your product is mentioned

Google Alerts tool can send you daily emails listing new entries on the Bright Ideainternet that mention certain keywords, such as your product or business name. Imagine being able to respond to anyone who expresses the need for your product or services, or who mentions your business.

Suppose we are interested in obtaining the latest updates on the web about trout fishing in Tasmania.

Go to

In the search box enter

fly fishing Tasmania  -accommodation –tour

and enter your email in the space provided. You will receive a confirmation email from Google first. But after then you will get an email as often as once a day containing links to new information that has been posted or updated that match the search terms. You may have to keep adding exclusions to avoid the unwanted items. Other uses of this may be for collectors of rare things, or finding the latest articles on a particular medical ailment.

You can still use this tip without a Google account but it is easier to manage all your alerts with one.