Myths about Voip

VOIP has been around for quite a while yet still is surrounded in mystery. There a quite a few misnomers doing the rounds about VOIP. Here are some of the better ones.


Myth #1. VOIP requires a special headset connected to a computer to call someone.

While it is true that you can use a special headset or even a microphone and speakers built into a laptop, it isn’t the only method.

Another option is to purchase a VOIP Box  called and an Anolgue Telephone Adapter (ATA), which has sockets for the phone line, the telephone and the network. This then allows every outgoing telephone call made on a standard telephone to be made via VOIP. ATAs can be purchased for around $80. Some routers even have ATAs built in. With an ATA installed making a VOIP call is exactly the same as making a telephone call. No difference at all. Another advantage of using an ATA is that it will automatically fall back to the standard telephone system if the VOIP service is unavailable, for example if your internet is down.

Myth #2. VOIP calls can only be made to someone who also has the same VOIP provider or to someone who is connected to the Internet.

Both of these myths are not true at all. With VOIP it is possible to call any number that you can call from a normal telephone. In addition if you do call someone who has the same VOIP provider as yourself then most providers do not charge for that call.

Myth #3. VOIP is bad quality or is unreliable.

There are many large business and government agencies who have been using VOIP for years. Reliability and quality issues usually come down to the quality and speed of your internet connection and occasionally the price paid for the service. I have found 512 Kb internet speed to be ok for VOIP if no one else is using the connection but since upgrading to 1.5 Mb well over a year ago it has been flawless.

Myth #4. VOIP is complicated.

Configuring VOIP initially can be difficult however once up and running it can be forgotten about. Service providers are always eager to assist, but it is easier if you purchase both the gear you need, an ATA and VOIP service, from the same provider, and easier still if that provider is your Internet Service Provider.

 Myth #5. VOIP = SKYPE

Another variant of this myth is that VOIP is GTALK. There are many VOIP providers. Take a look a and follow the link to the VOIP section.

It is true that VOIP can be a web based service but as mentioned before it can be behind a telephone, be a program sitting on a computer or even on a smart phone.

Skype can be great and free but it usually does mean that both parties need to have the computer on and connected to Skype. Skype usually involves arranging with the other party in advance when you will be calling. VOIP, on the other hand is just like a normal telephone.

It is also possible to get additional phone numbers for Direct inward Dialling (DID) that others can use to call you for the cost of a local call no mater what state they or you are in. Note that neither Telstra nor Optus supply a VOIP service and of course VOIP might not suit everyone’s needs.